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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

IKEBUKURO: Standing Bar Saya... very very old skool with elderly regulars

Trying to kill a little time and randomly went into this tiny standing bar neighboring a liquor shop.  I can only assume the elderly wife runs the liquor shop and the husband relaxes in his own standing bar.

300yen for draft beers and 400yen for large bottles.

Noticed wooded Oden box... everything a very reasonable 50yen.

Everyone watching SUMO!  Its on~.

Got my gift from Hawaii!  Moana Loa Macadamia Nut Kisses!  

You can buy random packaged stuff like seaweed.  Okinwan Sake Awamori was 300yen.

Round table outside with seating for 5-6... 

Neat little spot with a very retired elderly crowd.  Unsure if I'd go back and pay 300yen for beers when I could just hit up Koike Izakaya for their 100yen beers.  But a nice cozy experience. 

Shop: Saya - Standing Bar
Address J: 東京都豊島区東池袋1-36-5
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 1-36-5

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