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Friday, March 22, 2013

NOGATA: TonDake~ for 1/2 Chicken Samgyetang lunch :)

Its been a healthy week for me... lost a solid 2 Kilo's and wanted to end the Friday with something not too fattening.  So why not Korean!  All lunch items are 800yen at Tondake.

Regular dinner menu here.

And the lunch menu.  Lots and lots of options.... wish they were all pictured.  Everything is 800 yen and includes 2 banchan, a salad and soup.  I went for the 1/2 Samgyetang handwritten on the bottom.

The banchan arrived but for the very first time at a Korean restaurant there was no Kimchee or anything spicy here.  A disappointment... i can boil broccoli at home myself.

Interior was as dark as a cave until the young Korean waitress turned on the lights halfway thru lunch.  I even had to ask if they were open... look out for the bats.

I was most impressed with the size of the chicken... fairly large and meaty.

The chicken was lightly stuffed with rice and some dark seasoning... very tasty.

Side view of the chicken.  An arm and leg... oh my.

Unsure if the young waitress forgot but no rice came with the meal... I asked for a bowl and there was no charge.  

Looks like MoyaMoya Summers was here. 

On rainy days those who order Makkori get 30% off Chijimi (Korean pancake)... plus a few other March half price drink specials from Mon-Thurs.  Overall the Samgyetang soup was great for 800yen... lots of chicken meat and with a bowl of rice very very filling. Only wished they served a little Banchan kimchee.

Shop: Ton-Dake Korean Restaurant
Yahoo JP Reviews: Click Here
Address J: 東京都中野区野方5-30-13
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nogata 5-30-13

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