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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MEJIRO: Ban Thai for my ver first Gaeng Massaman Nuea

Had to pass thru Mejiro on my way to Ikebukuro and wanted to check out the town for the very first time.  For years I've only rolled thru this town on the JR Yamanote line without much thought of checking it out.

I was happily confused with the menu.  There were more unique lunch selections than most other Thai spots in Tokyo... but settled for the "E-set" Gaeng Massaman Nuea 850yen.

Looks like Famous Enka singer Jero was here.

Interesting waitress that was immersed into her iPad... wasn't sure if the person was a guy or girl with no smiles and an dirty brown colored mo-hawk. 

I got Pineapples!  Thats a first :)

The Video!

Rice with a spinkle of fried onions.

A light soup with daikon and carrots... just something to clear the throat.  Perhaps Consomme soup.

And this was the my selection, after reading the description how could I resist! "South Thailand of slowly braised beef, potatoes in rich coconut curry sauce topped with fried slices of red onion and cashew nuts."  Thinking back there were no red onions or cashew nuts!  Anyways it was a nice rich thick flavor and the carrots/potatoes were stewy soft.  

One piece of beef that was rather tough and a little piece of chicken.

Wasn't too into the mayo salad... 

Overall not too bad.  The interior was clean, a huge TV helped pass by the time and it was nice to try something totally new.  I asked the waitress what was recommended and she said the regional thai food they specialize in is spicy stuff... she suggested trying the Thai Curry next time.  She was very courteous and smiley as I left.

Shop: Ban Thai
Address J: 東京都豊島区目白3-5-8 佐久間ビル1階
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Mejiro 3-5-8

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