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Sunday, October 28, 2012

NERIMA: Raijin Menya for 50% off ramen... but was it worth it? Your call!

From a distance I spot 3rd year anniversary specials... 

I'm sold! Where can you find half priced ramen except thru Groupon?

Stacks and stacks of noodle boxes!  

Two of the ramen's were on sale but I had to go for the Osusume miso ramen... this place doesn't have a machine where I can simply push the top left corner button but it took a bit of time to decide between Shoyu  and Shio-salt ramen.

One thing I noticed that there was no standard Egg topping... Normally franchise shops have this but it was an additional 80yen.

Lots of options nicely pictured... 

There it was... my 320yen ramen!  Very nice deep colored shoyu soup base.

Piece of char-siu was average... no cravings for more after I left.

You have a choice of thin noodles (hoso-men) or regular noodles.  I went for regular as I'm a huge fan of chunky noodles... but honestly this place easily fell into the supermarket quality for its noodles.  See how its kinda curly... I honestly don't like this.  Its like eating at a fast food restaurant vs a Mom n Pop shop.

There is a little red pepper here for a nice kick to this somewhat boring ramen.

I loooove garlic and when I'm without it for a while my energy level falls.  But had to pass..

Think this might have been chopped onions...

Overall I realized that its simply not worth it to have ramen thats 50% off if its not your style... but live and learn but would I pay full price for this? Nah... I'd easily walk over to the next station for some amazing Ramen Jiro for 650yen.  BUT!!  They do offer 2 free serving of extra noodle called "Kaidama."  Be warned they will give you 2 very heaping piles on 2 plates if you want it... dude next to me got it and as you know noodles expand when they are in your stomach.

Shop: Raijin Menya (Rising Menya?)
Address J: 東京都練馬区豊玉北5-22-1
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Toyotamachikita 5-22-1

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