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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EKODA: Tiny Ise-Ya for some mochi sticks and rice balls!

Walking thru a tiny shotengai (shopping alley with tiny shops) in Ekoda and saw a small line under the orange tarp at this tiny Mochi/Onigiri shop... Just had to take a peek.

Inside there were sooo many varieties of Mochi and some cool looking shaped Mochi's.

Went for one Karashi-Konbu (spicy seaweed) because it was the first time I saw a spicy version.

And of course of my all time favorites An-Dango (green tea mochi balls with azuki bean paste topping) and for the 3rd item the Shoyu mochi balls (with a hint of sweetness).  

This bad boy was solid... stickier rice than the usual convenient stores and held its shape til the very end.  

Shoyu Dango... base is made of Shoyu but had a very nice sweetness to it.  You can always find this at any supermarket in the mochi/breads section.

And of course when in Japan you must eat Sushi, Ramen, Yakitori... AND a An-Dango mochi stick.  Everyone loves this and I've been a huge fan for a while.  The mochi was extremely soft and could barely hold its shape.

Didn't realize it but guess this wasn't a mom and pop shop but a franchise with branches all over the place.  Foodie ranking is a lowly 3.00 points so I guess its not a favorite among those in the know.  Watch out as there seem to be very little foreign traffic in this area and the gentlemen behind the counter will look at you in confusion... everything is written in Japanese.

Halloween Parade on 10/27 in this town if you have little ones... 

Shop: Iseya Ekoda Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区栄町26-3
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sakaemachi 26-3

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