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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SAKURADAI: Ramen Jiro REVISITED for smaller than small portion noodles!

Ok... my entire summer in the US consisted of baking cookies, brownies and rice crispy treats thus I returned with an added 7 kilos to the waistline!  So... tonight my craving and the 650yen price point decided to put my diet on hold for a massive 1,500 calorie "small" sized Jiro Ramen!

Mailing list if you are interested.

Cold water is free but I highly suggest ordering some black tea to help wash down the heavy oily soup base.

I sat on the corner of the "L" shaped counter next the toilet and noticed boxes of special Jiro shoyu... plus do you see that clear plastic bag with the pink stuff in it?  Well thats the fat they melt into the soup base... An yes, if you want extra just mention it along with your addition of Garlic, size of veggies and say "abura" for melted fat topping.

When you are lined up outside one of the Jiro guys will take your order... The guy in front of me said "Sho-Sukuname" (Size Small Ramen - Smaller Portion)... So I followed with Sho-Yasai-Sukuname (Small with Small portion of boiled beggies).    Anyways seems he missed me saying "Yasai" and assumed I wanted a Small Ramen with Smaller portion of noodles.  Actually thank goodness... I was struggling to finish the small a few days ago.  Oh, I got the normal size of veggies pictured and garlic topping pictured here.

Can you see it... Now this fatty oil from pork lard pushes this tiny small ramen over 1,500 calories!

Now not ONLY did I have these 3 gigantic chunks of tender Char-Siu pork but below the noodles there were another 2 chunky pieces... waaaay to many for me and a struggle to finish.

The additional pieces I found below after finished the 3 on top.

Here's a video of some guy ordering the extra lard "abura" on top of his ramen!  oohh the calories!

At 5:45pm on a very rainy and cold Tuesday evening the entire L shaped counter was full.. but I only had to wait about 2-3 minutes before a spot opened up.  The customers here are all business and eat their ramen in a mad-dash.  Most looked like Ramen Otaku-boys and college students this night.  Ok, this will be my last venture to Jiro until I lose those added Pounds.

1,000yen an hour if you want to work part-time at Jiro!

Shop: Ramen Jiro 
Address J: 東京都練馬区桜台1-5-1
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sakuradai 1-5-1

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