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Monday, October 8, 2012

KACHIDOKI/TSUKISHIMA: PoPoYa super chunky ramen noodles with a lowly foodie ranking.

PoPoYa?  I have never heard of this ramen spot before and rarely do I ever welcome massive amounts of calories without first checking foodie blogs... but it was late and we gave this spot a try.

The First rule of Ramen... if you are confused then go for the top left corner selection.  Shops will always put the most recommended item here... 

So we both went for the dish simply called "Ramen"... no fancy names here.

There are 4 free selections you can add to your dish.  Hiro went for the extra vegetables aka Moyashi (Bean Sprouts).

I asked for the free Garlic Topping... but you can also as for extra onions, thick soup base or light soup base to adjust to your style.

These noodles were monstrous   I'm a HUGE fan of thing chewy chunky noodles offered at Ramen Jiro (Jimbocho) and Kaeru Ramen (Nakano)...  The flavor was light enough and not overwhelmingly oily or thick but if you do ramen then might as well go for the "Thick Flavor" option.. I'll do it next time.

Some red pepper... I normally add this in the mid-way point so I can enjoy the soup base in all its originality.

And thus I pack on those extra calories... But was it worth 800yen?  Sure!  Spot has a very very low foodie ranking of 2.92 points but there are few ramen shops in this area this style has its followers.

If you are for some strange reason in Harumi Triton Square (major office building complex) in desolate Kachidoki/Tsukishima and craving some hearty ramen then its definitely worth going at least once.

Shop: PoPoYa Ramen
Address J: 東京都中央区晴海1-8-16 晴海トリトン 3F
Address E: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Harumi 1-8-16

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