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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KACHIDOKI: Nakau... for real? 200yen mini breakfast with Miso Soup!? Nice

Low prices normally always catch my eye but rarely do I come to a full stop... 200 yen for breakfast (servied til 10am)!  I just had to check it out.

And there it was on the lower section of the machine... 200yen "Medama Yaki Asa Teishoku" (Sunny side up morning meal).

You can get small upgrades to the 200yen basic breakfast... but even though they were only an additional 80-100yen I was just there for one purpose.

Lets see... Seaweed, shoyu, miso soup, rice and one egg.

Just seat wherever you like and a lady will stop by the table.  There are more and more Chinese workers at the lower end franchised fast food shops so don't expect any smiles, Japanese politeness or welcomes... its just not their way in my experience. 

Free green tea.

And there it was... my 200yen breakfast.

Overall don't get your expectations up but if you are use to paying $3-4 for a bowl of Miso Soup at a Japanese restaurant in the US this will definitely be a nice meal.  Price can't be beat, service was crappy and interior very bland but eh... you won't be in there more than 10 minutes.

Shop: Nakau Kachidoki-1-Chome Shop
Franchise Website:
Address J: 東京都中央区勝どき1-8-1 勝どきビュータワー103
Address E: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Kachidoki 1-8-1, Kachidoki View Tower 103

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