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Thursday, January 12, 2012

GINZA: Arossa 1,050yen Lunch... just can't go wrong (REVISTED... AGAIN)

If there is just one Western lunch spot in Tokyo that gets your mouth watering just thinking about it this would definitely be Arossa :)

Said hello... they seated me and as you know there is just one lunch menu per day.

For starters Arosa Mori-Mori (lots n lots) Salad

White fish cream corokke... so tasty... detected a hint of curry seasoning.

Hamburger steak topped with cheese, onion and mushroom demigras sauce on a bed mashed potatoes.  This mashed potatoes had a very thick texture similar to Turkish Ice Cream(?)... it was thick and gooey. 

Close with Coffee or Tea.

Final dessert... today's treat was Grean Tea granite ice... tasty!

View of all the burgers ready to be cooked.

Another excellent 1,050yen lunch.  Arrive by noon as this place will fill up quickly.
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And of course you'll spot at least one exotic in posh Ginza... Lamborghini Gallardo

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