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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

AKASAKA: 500yen Lunch at Kudara... prices have gone up up! (REVISITED)

Tokyo is cold cold in the Winter... probably notice it a bit more than the US due to all the walking we do...  Anyways its been a while since I visited Kudara so off I went.

Noticed in black "all items 500yen" then under the Samugetan was 700yen...hmm... The attraction here was always the incredible value of the Samugetan at 500yen.  After I placed my order the waitress said its now 700yen, is this ok?  At +200yen its still a great value but it sure does taste better at 500yen~.

There seemed to be a bit more chicken inside this time... might have gotten lucky this day.

The crowd was unusually light today... perhaps increasing the price slightly in restaurant filled Akasaka caused a few lunch goers to wander elsewhere for lunch.

Don't think I'll be back anytime soon... time to give a few other Korean spots a try.
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