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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

GINZA MITSUKOSHI: Les Rosiers-Eguzkilore... Nice lunch served by an odd waiter who drinks customers leftover wine.

Invited to a great restaurant on the 12th floor of Mitsukoshi Ginza (New Building)

All course menu's.  Each item and its ingredients are carefully explained by the waiter but ours just kept going on and on... quite lost by the end of his presentation.  

We both went for the 4,900yen "Eguzkilore" Lunch Course...  But there was something that bothered us off the bat... Paying nearly $75 USD per person (with an additional glass of wine) you would assume the staff would attempt to smile and provide amazing service but our waiter seemed like a guy straight off the streets of Akihabara.  A bit dorky, sweaty, suit oversized and well he just didn't fit this atmosphere... a very odd guy (wait til the entry ends where he drinks our remaining red wine).

Foie-gras soup

Crab appetizer... part way we decided to switch appetizers and my crab setting came with a knife.  When I did this the waiter noticed and proceeded to give my friend a new knife... the thought was nice but he reached over her food (cuffs nearly touching the appetizer) as she was eating to place the knife next to her.  This guy was just simply clueless... Lack of training from management is all I can say.

We both went for the went for the Japanese beef filet... very tender.

A tiny strawberry shake is provided after the meal to clear your pallet. 

Highlight of the meal was selecting 2 among the 12 different tea's.

Overall enjoying a meal is partially the company you are with, the atmosphere, service and quality of food but this place was such a mismatch in Posh Atmosphere and Service.  The one thing that turned me off was when the waiter took away our wine glasses before the desserts arrived... there was just a sip of red-wine in one glass and as he entered the kitchen he actually drank it!  We were seated right next to the kitchen entrance with a clear view of this.  It was just a very odd thing to see at a place that charges between $50 - $120 per person for a lunch Course.  

The greatest thing about course menu's slow pace that allows for great conversation with your fellow diner.  But I'd highly suggest you go elsewhere to share this special time over a meal that should have been simply perfect at USD150+.

Shop: Les Rosiers-Eguzkilore (GINZA Mitsukoshi)
Address J: 東京都中央区銀座4-6-16 銀座三越 12Fレストラン - ギンザ ダイニング
Address E:  Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza 4-6-16, Ginza Mitsukoshi 12F (New Bldg)

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