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Monday, January 9, 2012

YOTSUYA/KOJIMACHI: Japanese breakfast at DENNY'S!

My 2 weeks visiting family in the US for Christmas/New Years got me into the regular routine of having a normal breakfast every morning... a great highlight and start to a new day.   But in Japan... who goes out to breakfast? And where to go?

Brand new Denny's opened up near by so off for some J-breakfast.  

Thats it!  600yen combo with salmon, miso soup, natto (I asked for Tofu Salad) and some seaweed

Miso soup on the light bland side...

Pretty sure this salmon was frozen moments before..

If you don't like Natto (stinky beans) thats included in the combo you can switch it out with Tofu Salad or Half-Boiled Egg (Hanjuku-Tamago).

Overall it hit the spot and not heavy on the body.  You'll randomly spot Denny's in Tokyo so if you want to try some nice Japanese breakfast for a reasonable 600yen give it a go!

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