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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GINZA: Arossa... an absolute Home-Run everytime! Amazing lunch value.

6 items... 1,050yen... was another incredible lunch at Arossa.

Starts with freshly baked bread and the Arossa "Mori-Mori" Salad that will take you the entire meal to enjoy... had a hit of bacon seasoning and the portion too generous for posh Ginza.

Next came the delicate 鶏肉のバロティーヌ chicken...

Then the white fish arrived... sauteed in butter and topped with some kind of extremely tasty olive oil sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes... and I honestly wanted to line up again outside for another serving of lunch.

Just one Chef in the Kitchen... just 1 course on the menu...

Meal closes with a tiny icy tangerine dessert.

Choice of coffee or tea to complete another delicious meal at Arossa.

Seems they serve lunch wine 600yen, soft drinks 300yen, New Zealand beer 850yen, lunch beer 650yen  and dessert 350yen.

Excellent service, amazing lunch at an incredible price and customers were 90% ladies... I'll be back!

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