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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OIZUMI GAKUEN: Maru-Tatsu (REVISITED)... inexpensive with generous sizes! Worth the visit.

Arrived at a very very early 5pm for some great Sushi... this shop is backed by a fish wholesaling company so prices are incredibly reasonable and fish so amazingly fresh...

We walked into the Tencho (Head Sushi Chef) preparing 3 large baskets of sushi for a year end party going on upstairs.

First the Otoshi... comes automatically when you order alcohol.  

The boss-man...  

Only 50yen for this... kobiko.

Chu-Toro 270yen.

Maguro 130yen.

Crab 110yen.

Hot Ichi-Go Nihon-Shu (One Bottle) 270yen... good for about 4-5 mini cups.

Seaweed soup~...

Our neighbors who spoke great English asked me if I wanted to take a pic of his fish :).

Mari spotted this moving Abelone (in Japanese Awabi)... got a nudge to start taking pics or a video.

Our Tuna-Cheek... took about 30minutes to bake over the grill and only 680yen!

We also talked to 3 people in the far end of the counter...  one of them was a Japanese gentleman in his 50's with a PHD from UC Berkeley... In Japan you never really know who's sitting next to you in a friendly sushi counter environment.

All seats provide a great view of the sushi chefs at work.

Mari's been camera shy lately but a quick iPhone pic... will be back again.

Ask for a free "Agari" as with all sushi shops and you'll get a nice hot cup of green tea!

Its been 6 months since but my last visit but I'll be back again in 2012!

For shop details goto my previous entry:

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