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Thursday, December 1, 2011

JINBOCHO: Ramen Jiro revisited! Small with Small portion of noodles... yet HUGE!

The last time I went to Ramen Jiro was on a hot sunny afternoon and by the time I was done eating my noodles I was a sweaty mess as with most of the other patrons in the shop.  But now that it was winter and extra cold I had to give it another try~.  Line was a solid 30 people at 1:20pm... 

2 guys run the shop and one would pop out once in a while to take orders or count the number of people in line as we were approaching the 2pm closing time.  

At 1:40pm the purple guy stepped out with this sign... don't get to Ramen Jiro past 1:30pm or you may get turned away as it can take more than 30min to get inside... 

All counter seating and we are shoulder to shoulder...

I ordered the 650yen "Sho (Small)" Ramen but requested a small amount of noodes "Sukuna-Men" because the last time it was nearly impossible for me to finish the normal small portion with the regular amount of noodles.  

These 2 pieces of pork were Massive... I mean it was like an inch thick and as big as my palm!  So juicy and tender... for 650yen there is no better value than THIS ramen Jiro.  Definitely recommend this shop to anyone  wanting to try the best Japan has to offer.

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