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Friday, December 16, 2011

NIHONBASHI MITSUKOSHI: Fortnum & Mason roast beef revisited!

Its 10:55am WTF!?!  So I have this Korean friend that said the only kind of TV shows in Japan are all about food... Cooking Drama's, Cooking Shows (SMAPxSMAP), programs featuring ramen rankings and of course the ever so popular nightly TV News spots that feature great little restaurants...

...anyways I gave up on this delicious looking Oedo-Tendon for 880yen...cause that line was ridiculous~... There were no salarymen in that line just a bunch of folks that watched the same TV show that featured this restaurant.

Anyways if you want to go here are the details.  I'll be back when things calm down.

So decided to walk across the street to Mitsukoshi for some...Roast Beefu!

Old dude chilling in front of the Xmas window displays...

Yeah, it was only 11:10am so the hordes of housewives and elderly couples had yet occupied the place.

Free water!  Saw little things floating in this...hmm...

When they hand the menu to you just put your hand up and say "Roast Beefu Lunchi Kudasai."  1,200yen plus 60yen tax and you get a coffee or tea with the meal.  I'd definitely get the dessert set for a +210yen.

There it is... Salad, 2 kinds of hot bread, whole bunch of green peas, potato fries, radish and beef!

For location details goto my previous entry!

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