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Saturday, January 4, 2020

ROPPONGI: Yatai-ya Hakata Gekijo Restaurant final day December 30, 2019! The friendliest izakaya in Roppongi (Sony RX100M3)

Final dinner of the new year with 2 close friends and I randomly suggested Yatai-ya in Roppongi later to find out they are closing this branch!  OH NO!!!

The mistakenly sat me down at a table with a grill and plates... seeems the group to be later seated here was an all you can eat "nomihoudai" course menu.  

1 Liter Jumbo Hi-Balls for only 590 yen!

There is a table charge of 300 yen but it includes all you can eat cabbage with ponzu sauce.

All the other branches! There are 3 in Shimbashi alone!

Of course you gotta order the gyoza... slighty burnt this night but still good!

Wasabi for the gyoza.

180 yen each Fried oysters were recommended but a bit on told side.  Not made to order.

380 yen Edamame... my friend loves this stuff but about 20 pieces?!  Thats quite the margin. You can buy a huge bag of this at a supermarket for 200 yen.

After my Whisky Hi-Ball I moved on to Hoppy...  Hoppy comes in a brown bottle and tastes like beer but is mixed with Japanese sake.  The waitress won't stop pouring the sake into your glass until you say stop!  380 yen for Hoppy and Sake set to start.  Then you can continue to order sake "Naka" for 200 yen to mix with your hoppy. I bottle will get you about 3 drinks. 

Maguro Toro-Taku Yukke!  Such a better value than Kikuya Tempura in Azabu Juban!

Tiny quail egg.

Friend refilling the sake for his Hoppy! 

Free cabbage ponzu refills!

Ukon or Tumeric to help prevent difficult hangovers. 

THE END!  Quite sad to see a place with a very young friendly staff close down.  BUT if you are in Tokyo you gotta check out their other branches.  Farewell 2019.

Restaurant: Hakata Gekijo Roppongi Branch
Address J: 東京都港区六本木5-4-2 GIOTTOHOUSE
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 5-4-2

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