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Sunday, January 12, 2020

NAKANO: Tachi (Standing) Sushi Yokocho Nakano Sun Mall... the rice was so warm and flavorful! (SONY RX100)

Sunday evening and craving Sushi!  Nakano Station has so many foodie options so there I went.

Sushi start at 65 yen but you are required to order minimum 2 pieces.

Noticed half off Hi-Balls and Sours for those dining on the 1st floor. Standing only.

Of course Bottled Beer for me!

I was the only foreigner on the 1st floor and nobody offered an English menu. There are 3 Sushi chefs taking orders in front of me and unfortunately I must have gotten the chef who was having a bad day.  No smiles and never asked me what I wanted to order... Normally they will actively ask you.

Started with the aburi salmon, ika and akami (tuna).

Something unique about the rice here.  I was a bit off colored and flavorful.

My view of the rectangular sushi counter. 

A fan of Zukemaguro (seasoned maguro).

This was great.  Torched shrimp with mayo topping. 

Free gari on the counter. 

Lots of take-out orders here. The waiting/order list outside. 

A view looking into the side.

Enjoyed this standing sushi restaurants and they seem to have a sit-down area on 2F.  When my initial chef rotated out and another took over the spot the service was perfect. 

Restaurant: Tachisushi Yokocho Nakano Sun Mall
Address J: 東京都中野区中野5-58-6
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-58-6

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