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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

IKEBUKURO: Sushi Zanmai on Christmas Eve but Maguro increased from 158 yen to 198 yen! (Sony RX100)

I couldn't make it back to the US for Christmas so at time when my foreign friends go away and Christmas Eve is such a date night in Tokyo.... I head to my nearest Sushizanmai alone. :(

Great how everything is pictured... There are so many tourists in Japan now that the waitresses no longer try to speak to you in Japanese as they assume you are visiting.  Just point!

Always a fan of Tuna or Negi-toro rolls.

If you need wasabi just ask the chef "wasabi kudasai" as its not normally added to the sushi.

TUNA!  It was 158 yen last year but bumped up to 198 yen.  Though the Chu-Toro is still 298 yen.

Gotta get the Egg sushi... sweet flavor and filling.

Seems you can order take-out too.  He was preparing a bento box but could be for customers at drinking locations like Cabakura or Ladies Bar.

3 Chefs... all busy.

Neighboring Salarymen. 

Then this elderly guy sat next to me.  Lots of lone diners.

10:45pm and the staff was all smiles.  

If in Ikebukuro or in most Tokyo locations if in need of sushi the Sushi-Zanmai chain never disappoints.  The president of this company paid $3 million for the 1st tuna of 2019 and he surely will be in the running again for 2020.  Oh!  The $3 million changed the life of that elderly fisherman.
My Previous Visit in 6/2018:

Restautant: Sushi Zanmai Ikebukuro Branch
Address J:  東京都豊島区南池袋1-27-8
Address E: Tokyo., Toshima-ku. Minamai Ikebukuro 1-27-8
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