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Friday, December 6, 2019

EKODA: Drum Can (Barrel) Tachinomi (Standing Bar)... full of friendly regulars! (Canon G7X)

There are so many izakaya's in Tokyo but there are few pubs where you can enter alone and chat with fellow drinkers... but I finally found a spot near my home!  DrumCan Izakaya.

Ordered a bottle beer and this huge Heartland Beer arrived! Looked like a wine bottle and only 500 yen!

I noticed everyone was paying with these pre-paid tickets in 50 yen denominations.  I must have been the only newbie this night.  For 10,000 yen you can get 12,500 in tickets! 

Friendly folks standing next to me.  The guy in the red shirt is the owner.

This guy had a rare Timbuk2 Scumbag by BEAMS.  

Asked the chef for the most popular dishes and out came the Oden.

And a cutlet!  Perfect beer food.

If in Ekoda and you wanna chat up some super friendly regulars then gotta go! Oh shop uses the term barrel because there are a few outside to drink on.

Restaurant: Drum Can Standing Bar
Address J: 東京都練馬区栄町31-6 ベルウッドビル 103
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sakaecho 31-6

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  1. The Baird Taproom chain has this deal as well: ¥12,000 value for ¥10,000. It's a paper card. I bought this in December 2011, because it turned out I could charge this to my credit card. December 2011 bought the worst exchange rate I have ever had (before or since): ¥88.2 = $1. So be alert for these things.
    I have since bought a PASMO transit card. If there are deals with stores for using it, please let us know.