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Friday, August 23, 2019

EKODA: Tenkaippin Ramen... muddy thick flavorful broth! Plus side of Kimchee bowl, yum! (SONY RX100)

Friday night and Tenkaippin Ramen has daily combo specials... but you can never miss with ramen here.  Always yum.

On the top left corner are the daily combo specials

Very spacious counter seating area.

Free items on the counter.

A little spicy miso if you like for your ramen.

Only staffed by 2 folks... a chef and waitress.

So Tuesday and Friday special is a bowl of ramen plus Kimchee rice bowl.  Daily specials in Japanese is called "higawari"

Oh my... this kimchee was soooo flavorful.  Most kimchee in Japan have very light flavoring.

Noodles are chewy which I always prefer.

The soup very muddy and so flavorful.  If you have any left over rice just dip it inside.

There are a few ramen spots that consistently satisfy... Ichiran, Afuri, Ippudo and Tenkaippin. There are quite a few in Tokyo so please give it a try!  Won't disappoint. 

Restaurant: Tenkaippin Ekoda Branch
Address J:  東京都練馬区豊玉上1-20-13
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Toyotamakami 1-20-13

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