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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

HONOLULU: Battle of the 4 Poke Bows! Ono Seafood vs Coco Cove vs Donki vs Maguro Brothers!

My battle of the POKE Tokyo Belly Version! My to go spot that measure all my poke adventures is the trusty and always delicious Ono Seafood.

1st visit to Ono during my Hawaii vacation was all Spicy Poke! Its just so perfectly flavored and a nice spicy kick.  Fish was fresh this day with a nice texture!

2nd Visit!  Spicy with Hawaiian Style Combo on a Saturday!  Must have been an off day as the tuna was rather mushy and not firm.  Unfortunate but still loved the flavor!

Coco Cover market on Kalakaua Avenue for Poke? Really?  Waited to the end of my trip to give it a try.

The nice filipino lady behind the counter was so generous with the Poke samples on a tooth pick and a local family was calling her Auntie.  Super friendly lady.

Of course went for the Hawaiian Style and Spicy combo.  The flavor was mild compared to Ono's but the fish seemed so fresh and not mushy at all.  2/3 pounds of fish on a bed of brown rice for about $12.50.  Really enjoyed it and she sure did pack the fish in well.

Of course you gotta hit up Don Quijote for their poke by the pound! 

There were soooo many choices!

Picked up Spicy and Hawaiian style. Very very creamy and very tasty... yum!

Now Maguro Brothers... the worst of the bunch.

After watching this youtube video featuring Maguro Brothers and its Japanese owner I just had to go! Love supporting small owner chef businesses... always a fan.

Lots of options but went for the Hawaiian Limu Ahi and Spicy combo for about $15.50.  This was the most expensive place out of the 4 spots I tried. Tried to chat up the Japanese owner but he didn't crack a smile and didn't seem very interested in saying anything... I even spoke Japanese. Doh...

A few bites and the flavor was a bit mild... almost as if they didn't add enough seasoning. The cuts of tuna seemed rather small and not so meaty.

But the shocker was the cold, hard, clumpy white rice... It was if they refrigerated the previous days white rice and thawed it out a bit before serving it in my combo plate.  I was just so incredibly disappointed to have paid a premium over other shops only to have my tuna sit on carelessly prepared rice.  I think any native Japanese person would be ashamed to serve this... I could almost say this was glue grade rice.  UGH.  One star on Yelp for you buddy.

My ranking... hint in the order of my review!  If in Hawaii please check out Ono Seafood to start as a measure to rank other spots!  ENJOY!

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