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Saturday, December 22, 2018

YAMANASHI KATSUNUMA: BudouNoOka wine tasting and BBQ with view of mountains... This is Wine JP Country!

Company bus trip to Yamanashi prefecture for wine tasting and bbq! 

Underground wine cellar... 1,100 yen for tasting.

I don't know wine... and later realized I shouldn't be filling this tasting cup to the brim.

Off to BBQ! Check out the views.  The course is 4,000 yen per person.

Lots of different kinds of meats but most were rather tough... so I just stuck to the veggies and local craft beer that was really good.

Cooking was done on what I think was a slave of lava rock....

Overall a great team building day trip to Yamanashi... Its only about 1.5 hours from Tokyo.

Restaurant: Budounooka
Address J: 山梨県甲州市勝沼町菱山5093
Address E: Yamanashi-ken, Koshu-shi, Katsunumacho, Hishiyama 5093

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