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Monday, December 24, 2018

AZABU JUBAN: Azabu Ramen... wanna try what really bad ramen is. This spot is one good indicator.

Lured in late night after drinks and I was pretty sure to be disappointed the same way as their Nishi Azabu Branch.

L shaped counter seating.

For tsukemen you can get a massive 440 grams of noodles. My limit is around 200 grams.

Picked the top left button... shoyu ramen

Overheard the waitress and chefs talking... seems the staff here is all Chinese.

Free spicy seasoned bean sprout topping on the counter.

Here it is! Not very beautiful.

Charsiu pork was dry, the noodles were thin and had no texture... the soup bland.  Yup, I should have known and headed to the nearby Afuri. Ugh... 

If you interested in gauging what really bad ramen is vs great ramen then perhaps you can stop by and regret eating a bowl of ramen here.  Never again I promise! Oh Japanese foodies give it a lowly 3.08 points on Tabelog.

Restaurant: Azabu Ramen Azabu Juban Branch
Address J: 東京都港区麻布十番1-2-9 新一の橋ハイツ1階
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku. Azabu Juban 1-2-9

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