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Thursday, December 13, 2018

AKABANE: Sakura Shoten 603 Tachinomi... you can't meet a friendlier owner and staff. Baked garlic only 100 yen!

Yeah, 2nd entry in my life at Akabane... a town of drunks with signs that say if you are drunk we will turn you away.  Folks here sure do like to get drunk on the cheap.

Sooo many 100 yen items that normally cost way more at other izakayas.

Ordered some suspicious oden... 

This it! 100 yen baked in hot oil Garlic... must have ordered 3.

The owner and his Vietnamese super friendly staff... jolly fellow.

The staff here was all smiles and so sociable..  standing izakaya was rather run down but good drinks and conversation, can't ask for more!

This town is really so super carefree... drink.. eat... drink more... you just blend if you start walking crooked.  I will be back AKABANE STATION!

Restaurant: Sakura Shoten 603 (Snack 603)
Address J: 東京都北区赤羽南1-8-7 錦水ビル1階
Address E: Tokyo, Kita-ku, Akabane Minami 1-8-7

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