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Sunday, December 23, 2018

GINZA: Hooters! Finally made it but it really wasn't up to par this night... but ribs were yum!

Two guys on a Sunday night... yeah, We are heading to Hooters thanks to Groupon! The girls in the Hooters Groupon ad were so beautiful!  But thats where it ended...

Popped in at 6pm and mentioned my reservation... nowhere in sight.  The girl I spoke to the day prior was a bit kinda not totally there so I only assumed she didn't properly write down the reservation.

For the all you can drink menu your first order needs to be one of 3 bottles.  Corona, Heineken or Asahi bottle beer. 

Salad arrives!  Veggies with no dressing... did they forget or is there such a salad?

Draft beers were in small mugs.

2nd item on the course. In place of onion rings they gave us 4 crackers!  Ok so far this is not really a foodie spot.

Ordered a whiskey hi-ball and they gave me ginger-ale!  Lets keep this goofiness consistent.

3rd dish... tasty nachos with a salsa and spicy thai sauce dip probably for the tiny shrimp.

Now the good stuff started coming out!  The mussels with Garlic Butter were spot on yum! Only if I had some bread to dip into the garlic butter.

Need bread...

This was a laugh... just 2 pieces each of the famous Hooters wings in a very mild sauce.  I love buffalo wings but this left much to be desired.

And the ladies started dancing!  This girl was a bit on the round side...

This girl was a bit on the older side...  The didn't look like the ladies in the Groupon ad. 

Definitely don't expect too much here.

Had some great classic 80's music on the BGM!

Now the best dish of the night! Sliced steak and 2 Ribs!  The ribs were soooo super tender.

Their chocolate ice cream was yum!  Super thick and perfectly sweet.

I'd probably suggest sitting at the bar counter with clear views of the monitors and your drinks are served quicker.

Reservation board... It really was a full house this night with about 90% of the customers men in their 20-30s. 

Overall I definitely probably won't be back.  Food was lack luster, the drinks took a while to arrive, there were so many guys and it would have been nice if there were a few pretty Hooters girls.

Restaurant: Hooters Ginza Branch
Address J: 東京都中央区銀座8-5 銀座ナイン1号館 2F
Address E: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza 8-5

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