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Friday, November 24, 2017

GAIENMAE: Thai style food truck... ordered the Gapao but it wasn't so good here.

Love food trucks but they are hidden around the office neighborhood so I rarely go searching for them... 

Free toppings! I noticed the huge jar of Nikuno-Hanamasa branded Kimchee... Hanamasa sells in large volumes mostly catering to restaurants and I lived near one once.  The Kimchee is from China... but was flavorful.

You can have free rice upgrades...  white rice or barley rice.

A messy mess... does this look like Gapao?  Not to meeeeee...  Flavor was nice but not quite what I imagined.

Nearby is a large food court festival.... 

Matsuzaka Gyu looked nice.

Many different types of foods from all around Japan.

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