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Saturday, November 18, 2017

NARITA AIRPORT: Yoshinoya Beef bowl has some very highly priced specialty dishes! But for me its the 420 yen bowl.

At Narita Airport for a quick 2 night biz trip to Melbourne and my colleague was starving for dinner. 
Most restaurants are quite pricey for common items like curry rice so we headed to Yoshinoya at International Terminal 2. 

The super exclusive pricey items in this box..

Yoshinoya serves the starving salaryman and this kind of beef box is unheard of.  Its like spending 2,000 yen for a hamburger at McDs.

Ramen too!?

Menu in English with numbers.

Airport draft beer prices... 580yen.

This dude really didn't want to be here... very unfriendly and rather rude for Japan standards.

My co-worker loves everything incredibly spicey!  Not for me... oh, everything on top of the beef are free toppings you.  There is a help yourself free topping counter.

And this is me... nice and easy.

Its located right next to the Dayrooms and Showers or in Japanese its called Refresh Room.

Overall Yoshinoya is cheap and hits the spot for sure... Now off to Melbourne for a 2 night business trip that is tooo short to enjoy.  Would rather goto Honolulu.

Restaurant: Yoshinoya Narita International Terminal 2 Branch
Address J: 千葉県成田市古込1-1 第2旅客ターミナルビル本館 2F
Address E:  Narita International Airport Terminal 2

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