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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

OMOTESANDO: Tonkatsu Maisen for their Daily Special 'Higawari" but it was a miss.... ugh...

Finally ventured back to Maisen and their daily specials include fish so without listening to the waitresses detailed explanation of what would I appear I went for the Higawari Maisen Special.

From 11:45 there was a line out the door but traffic flowed very quickly... only waited 10minutes for a counter seat. Daikon with shoyu is your appetizer.

Oh no.... I'm in a Tonkatsu place and my tonkatsu is so tiny...

But not just that it was mostly onions!  And very very little pork.... ugh.

Looks like mothers and babies are welcome here.  But if its your first time go for something meaty and skip the daily special.  Always a crowd and lunch starts at 980yen.

Restaurant: Maisen とんかつ まい泉
Maisen website:
Address J: 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-8-5
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 4-8-5

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