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Thursday, April 16, 2015

HARAJUKU: Rico's Curry and Ethnic Cooking... lunch only... at night its a rock bar

I was walking by this nicely tagged building and noticed a guy wearing large black shades and walking a little chihuahua... it was Teppei Koike from the jpop duo WAT.

Anyways back to the food... 650yen and you can decide on the chicken butter curry, Kapao or the daily special.  Went for the Kapao with a side of butter curry (+50yen)

The owner was very nice and mentioned at night this place becomes a rockers bar...

The Kapao was very dull but the Butter Chicken Curry spot on veeeeery tasty. 
I'll surely be back for just the curry.

If you are a fan of NIGO his new shop HUMAN MADE is just a few steps from Rico's.


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