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Friday, April 3, 2015

NARITA AIRPORT TERMINAL 1: Kyotaru Sushi... the absolute worst sushi I've ever had in Tokyo! Mushy Mushy RUN!!!!

Was leaving to visit my dad in Florida and was lured into Kyotaru sushi by their super delicious looking plastic sushi models.

WoW! Looks sooooo yum

Lots of pictured selections

Individual sushi pieces

My Maguro-Mori 1,180yen + 8% Tax

This is what I wanted...

This is what I got...

Every piece of this sushi was so incredibly mushy...  I honestly believe it wasn't fresh at all.  Below supermarket grade yet charging much more.  I wanted to give up after a few pieces... but eventually leave that white looking piece of sushi.  Was just aweful!

The only thing worth eating on this entire platter was the tuna rolls.

And so I'm off to Florida with my new little Sony AS100V.

Restaurant: Kyotaru Sushi Narita Terminal 1 Branch
Kyotaru Website:
Address J: 千葉県成田市古込1 新東京国際空港 第1ターミナル 4F
Address E: Narita International Airport Terminal 1 4F

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