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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NERIMA: Matsuya (REVISITED) for some Tomato Cheese Chicken Katsu!

Its so hard to not notice the 500yen "one coin" meals with miso soup and rice... But this day there were 3  items on Sale!  

Cheese Tomato Sasami (white chicken meat) 590yen, Fried oysters with mini salad 670yen or the Sasami Curry (white chicken meat) with Mini Salad 580yen.  All on Sale for 500yen :)

I'm a huge fan of tomato and cheese toppings~

A very crispy exterior and the chicken was perfectly tender ... Cheese and Tomato topping was a great alternative to the usual Tonkatsu Sauce dip. (NOTE: Chicken Imported From Brazil.)

Rice either Japanese or imported from Australia

Miso base from Japan and Seaweed from China

Side dishes

120yen Mug Coke or Orange Soda.

They also serve 300-390yen breakfast sets from 5-11am.  Overall a this place is all about value and the quality does exceed the 500yen price point.  If you ever spot on around Tokyo give it a try!  No reason to pay 2-3x more for the same dish at other franchise spots like Wako

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