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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NAKAMEGURO: Pizzeria Da ISA... this guys rolling in the dough! Open those wallets real wide folks!!

Highly ranked ISA had always been a spot I wanted to check out but due to the size it just didn't have that relaxing cozy welcoming atmosphere that FREY's or Savoy had.

So this day I invited a former Citibank colleague for some of this famous ISA pizza.

Ordered two Lowenbrau's drafts for about 500yen and not knowing how large the pizza's were we decided to just go for one... but unbenounced to us there is a mandatory one plate per customer rule here.  So went for something very light... boiled Octopus 850yen.  Sucker was tiny... all profit here.

Pizza's ranged from 1,650 yen to a whopping 2,500yen +... now really.  Our Rigotta with Ham pizza was 2,250yen... I just simply couldn't understand the pricing of these pizza's.  There was nothing really special about it.

There was a line during the entire lunch session, service was extremely rushed and the lack of staff left customers searching for someone to take orders and issue checks.  

We sat outside and pizza turned ice cold... but unusually it didn't get rock hard.  Great pizza dough used here. 

Great pizza priced way too high, rushed service without welcomes or smiles, insanely packed and well would I go out of my way to give this place another try?  Hell no... I'd much rather visit friendly owner chef Yamaguchi'sans cozy Pizzeria in Roppongi. 
If you are an expat with the added cost of living allowance benefit or on a business trip perhaps this might be a nice spot due to the variety of pizza's but if you are cost conscious definitely avoid this mess that is ISA on the "Weekends"... I believe the value comes into play during the Monday - Friday Lunch space with Pizza's going for 1,000yen vs the insanity of evening and weekend prices commanding upwards of 2,500yen.

Shop: Pizzeria e Tratorria da ISA
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Address J: 東京都目黒区青葉台1-28-9
Address E: Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Aobadai 1-28-9

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