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Thursday, February 9, 2012

OCHANOMIZU: Ganesha Ghar... A new discovery in JP Indian Curry

Former co-worker invited me out to check out an Indian spot he found via .   An amazing 2,815yen meal for 980yen... how can you go wrong?

Course begins with a 400yen beer

We actually arrived at 5:50pm (shop opens at 6pm) but when we left around 7 it was still empty.  Think the hidden location in the back alleys of Ochanomizu may have been a reason.

Yogurt salad with a hint of curry seasoning.

Very juicy and tender Chicken Tikka with some spicy onions (sooo tasty) and a I think a rolled crispy Papad.

Sag Paneer Spinach and Cheese vegetable curry... had a very thick creamy texture and I didn't realize it had cheese inside, the texture was so similar to Chicken. (1,000yen)

Butter Chicken but not the usual butter/yellowy looking curry but there seemed to be a hint of tomato mixed into this... probably our favorite curry of the night.  Had a nice spicy kick and deep tasty flavor. (1,100yen)

Meal closed with some Vanilla Ice Cream with Mango topping.

Indian restaurants are great for lunch as you can get a great dish of curry, drink and most spots have all you can eat Nan for around 1,000yen but dining can take you into a totally different price range that opens up so many other options in Tokyo. If you aren't on a budget and in the mood for Indian I have to hands down recommend Ganeshar Ghar where curry prices are less than most... plus service was friendly, great Indian music on the BGM and shop was very clean. 

Shop: Ganeshar Ghar Ochanomizu Branch.
Address J:  東京都千代田区神田小川町3-11-2 インペリアル御茶ノ水B 105
Address E: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda, Ogawamachi 3-11-2

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