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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OMOTESANDO: IL Pacioccone revisited for 1,050 Daily Pizza Special!

Haircut at T.S. RAIZ in Omotesando then off to one of my favorite Italian lunch spots, IL Pacioccone! 

I was alone so opted for the 1st floor counter seating... seats 4.

The bread here is excellent... topped with salt and herbs... crispy on the outside and warm on the inside.

Went for the day's lunch Pizza special... topped with anchovies, olives... and some other things with a Napoli pizza base.   Tasty and the crust was perfectly chewy.

Spicy olive oil provided a great kick to the pizza

Yogurt topped with pineapple... sweet and light enough to enjoy after a heavy pizza meal.

There are several choices for the closing drink.  I went for some hot tea.

Where dinner pizza only prices begin at 1,680yen you can't go wrong with a 1,050yen pizza meal.  There are 4 other choices to select from on the Pizza menu plus several pastas.

Once again... another great 1,000yen lunch!


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