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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

KOJIMACHI: Pizzeria Angelino... friendly staff but pizza was hmm...

Wanted to explore the neighborhood a little to see if we had any great Pizzeria's new by.  So came across Pizzeria Angelino on my favorite foodie ranking site.

Lunch menu includes a salad, pizza and a drink for 1,000yen.  Nice simple mix of green salad (only hours from falling very limp... barely presentable), slice of pumpkin and garlic flavored green beans (very tasty).

Asked the Pizza chef if it was OK to photograph him.  Seems with the onslaught of Smart phones many restaurants are having to deal with so man people snapping away at everything in restaurants so its always safest to ask before you click away in full sight of the chef.

There it was my Margherita pizza!  At first sight it was no beauty like that of FREY's or EATALY but what could I expect in the back streets of Kojimachi. 

The sauce used was canned Spigadoro that could be easily purchased at any supermarket... it was very bland, had no kick to it, no thoughts of "oishii" as I bit into it.  Crust could easily be compared to Dominos' thin crust pizza.  Half way through I lost interest... 

Meal closed with some herbal Ice Tea.

Counter seating for about 9 people facing the Pizza Chef at work!  Perfect spot to enjoy the cooking.

Dinner menu outside.

Great jazz music playing on the BGM.

When having Pizza in Tokyo its always best to go a little out of your way for some amazing Pizza's.  You may get lucky at small  neighborhood shops but if the rankings are low then there must be a reason for it.   Please check out Tokyo's Best before heading out!  I won't be back to Angelino's but staff and chef were very friendly. Oh, its only 2 blocks from the Embassy of Belgium.

Shop: Pizzeria Angelino
Address J: 東京都千代田区麹町3-12-9 キャナル麹町 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kojimachi 3-12-9

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