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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OIZUMI GAKUEN: Monja-Yaki Okonomiyaki Warabe... Quirky Doraemon owner.

Friend and his family invited me out for a little Sunday dinner. When you enter this very local Okonomiya-shop in Oizumi-Gakuen a man dressed as Doraemon will greet you with such high tension that you can't help but smile... but this high level of energy will wear you out by the end of the meal as he keep squealing away to everyone.

Pictures of nearly everything on the menu...

Ingredients for Okonomiyaki....

Pork ear (?) slices I think it was... very similar to what you will find on Okinawan restaurants.

Squid black liquid flavored meat sausages... very tender and tasty.

Potato mochi pancakes.

Okonimiyaki!  Honestly... after having amazing Okonimiyaki at Sakura in Osaka its really easy to tell what boring Okonomiyaki can be... and this was such a place.   I just knew I'd never be craving Warabe anytime in the near future.

Cold slices of Tomato... always a favorite among Japanese.

This was for the Monja-Yaki...  

Then Yaki-Soba to close the meal.

Overall this is a place to take kids... there are toys, little kids seats and the owner was very lively so there was some entertainment factor...but... as for the food you could do much better by randomly picking any Okomiyaki shop in Tokyo.  Oh and the ventilation was so bad that you will honestly come out smelling worse than a poorly ventilated Yakiniku shop... we just stunk.  Don't recommend it and the foodie score is a lowly 3.00 points so I guess others felt the same.

Shop: Monja-Yaki Okonomiyaki WARABE
Address J: 東京都練馬区東大泉6-46-11
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Higashi Oizumi 6-46-11

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