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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TENNOZU ISLE: T.Y. Harbor Brewery... beautiful waterfront lunch

Beautiful sunny Tokyo afternoon... where to go?  When I first arrived I worked at Citigroup (just a few minutes walk from T.Y. Harbor) so decided to check out the old neighborhood.

Daily lunch menu (click to expand).

I need of a salad so went for the 1,200yen spicy beef taco salad with avocado and cheese~.

Lunch comes with coffee or tea (waiter will keep refilling).

Boring bread... outside was a bit soft and center a bit dry... you won't crave free seconds.

And here it is!  Why did I order this!  It was just a simple taco meat salad and the avocado's were a bit discolored (think they were past the ideal state to eat)... flavor of the meat was a bit sour... one of the least tasty taco salad's I've had in Tokyo.

My view from the large deck that could easily accommodate 100 people?

Speed boat docked in front of the restaurant...

Overall a very nice place that seemed to be a hit with wives with strollers, female office workers and a few salarymen (think the lunch price range of 950-1,700yen keeps the working husbands away).  There was also a very large air conditioned area inside for those who prefer.  Anyways T.Y. Harbor is definitely a place to check out~.

Shop: T.Y. Harbor Brewery
Location: Tennozu Isle Station 
Foodie Website:
Address J: 東京都品川区東品川2-1-3 ボンドストリート
Address E:  Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, East Shinagawa 2-1-3

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