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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SHINBASHI/GINZA: Kurafuku Uokin Branch... fresh seafood at an amazing value!

While working at CLSA (steps away from Shinbashi) one of the foodie assistants suggested Uokin in Shimbashi for both Japanese and French food... tried the French and it was amazing... now had to take the visiting boys to the Japanese shop... but there are so MANY!

As usual in Japan the Otoshi (automatic appetizer that comes out if you order alcohol... usually @300yen per person).  This was well worth whatever they added to our bill... tasty pork I think.

The Menu!  Unfortunately it was only in Japanese so bring a friend along to help if you can't read it.

Chefs right behind our table hard at work...

Waiter recommended the Anago fish... a long fish similar to a Unagi but lives in the sea.

There it is! Topped with shiso and ume... Robert loved this but it was a bit too fishy for me.

Next it was the Famous Sashimi plate that we saw almost everyone ordering!

This thing was soooo big!  A little bit of everything for everyone... great value and fresh!

A big fan of cooked fish head!  Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper, Alfonsino).

We managed to pick out all the meat in the cheeks and had one volunteer to eat both eyeballs... that wasn't me but lots of Collagen I think.

Our reservation was at 5pm and it was fully packed by 6pm... super popular.

Forgot what this was but there was a very dark green body inside this... pass~.

Closed the night with some tasty Tempura~.

Menu had a great selection of everything.

There are many Uokin's in the Shimbashi area so if one is full give another a try but I highly suggest making a reservation before heading out.  The branch we were seemed very new and extremely clean... tables are small  with a capacity of about 6 people squeezed in.   

The boys will definitely be back to visit one of the Uokin branches on their next trip to Tokyo.

Shop: Kurafuku Uokin Branch 
Address J: 東京都港区新橋1-9-1 新橋二光ビル 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shinbashi 1-9-1

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