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Thursday, September 15, 2011

AKIHABARA: Hiyaku Style Standing Bar... 200yen Beer! 100yen Whiskey Hi-Balls!!

Akihabara at night!  Among all the electronic shops and Otaku goods here do you go for drinks?  Wanted to check out something very Izakaya'ish and local so searched rankings on Tabelog for a bit of help and came across the very low-budget Hiyaku Style Standing Bar.

Everything 100yen?  Hmm... what could that mean.

Drink menu... 100yen whiskey?  Hmm... 100yen! Hi-Balls normally go for 550yen and only 1/5th the cost here.

When you enter go to the counter and order your drink... everything is pre-pay.  We ordered Beer and she asked for only 200yen... yippee thats unusually reasonable in Tokyo.  On the counter there is a nice selection of foods layed out... pick what you want and pay the lady behind the counter.   Keep an eye on the counter as popular items come and go~.

Regular beer... 200yen.

Dark Beer... 200yen.

For refills just deposit 200yen into the machine... perfectly poured. 

Now for the shocker... food was crazy cheap... all this for only 350yen!

Its all standing so you will be shoulder to shoulder with Akiba salarymen... many were in their 50's.. probably just trying to enjoy a little beer on allowances tightly controlled by the Mrs.

Last order is 8:30pm and shop closes at 9pm.  I suggest going early so you can try out all the great reasonable foods.  We noticed as the night went on the food started to run out.

Not a place to take a girl (as I did) but its a nice experience if you are in the mood for some very reasonable Japanese Izakaya foods and cheap beer... 4 beers and food for only 950yen!  

Walk all the way down the entrance hall and you 'll reach the 2nd floor entrance steps.

Shop: Hiyaku Style Standing Bar
Train Station: JR Akihabara
Address J: 東京都千代田区神田平河町2-4 村源ビル 2F
Address E: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Hirakawa-cho 2-4

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