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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SHINJUKU 3-CHOME: Nihon Saisei Sakaba... what could this mean?

In the back alleys of Shinjuku... sandwiched between the very Yakuza filled suspicious Kabukicho and the ever so popular clubs & bars streaming Madonna/Erasure/PetShopBoys crowd of Shinjuku Ni-Chome lies the famous eating/dining district of Shinjuku 3-Chome home to hungry salarymen and random OL's

As you enter they will immediately bring you the little Otoshi (always included if you order alcohol and its usually 315yen is added to your bill)...  We got little cuts of seasoned cabbage...

Icy cold draft beer... 

The chopsticks were in a very unique spot... I won't tell ya but it was pretty cool.

The main menu was on this old cardboard layout... Japanese menu's are just so confusing and when you get lost just say "Osusume Kudasai" (Recommended dishes please)... But there was one menu in both Japanese and English... the Yakitori stick menu. WARNING: Possibly unique to Japan but there are odd items on the Motsuyaki Stick Menu (Brains, head meat, intestines, stomach etc).

We got a great corner spot facing the Chef hard at work.

Terry's first Osusume-Kudasai was Bacon~... super juicy and tender.

This place used Charcoal for the grill...

2nd Osusume... think this was pork shoulder.  Had a nice tough texture...

Specials menu above us written in Chalk... I ordered the...

Motsu-Nikomi (Giblet Stew)... was very tasty.

View looking out from the counter.

Rina ordered the Liver... this seems popular with girls... even Mari loves this.

Closed with a crispy Onigiri... think it was flavored with miso or shoyu?

If you select "tare" for your sticks they will dip it into this pot... Chef said the sauce has been in there for 10years.

As the cold settles into Tokyo you should always give "Atsu-kan" sake a try... heated sweet Sake thats a hit with both the ladies and guys.

Partners in Crime for this night... Terry and Rina.  Overall the staff was exceptionally friendly and initially tried to take our order in English.  There was a very good rotation of customers so if this spot is busy there were so many other places facing this restaurant.  If in the area and want to experience a little bit of tasty Yakitori/Motsuyaki I'd recommend this friendly standing eatery~.

Shop: Nihon Saisei Sakaba 
Foodie Website:
Address J: 東京都新宿区新宿3-7-3
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-7-3

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