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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

SHIZUOKA: Fumotoppara Campsite with majestic views of Mount Fuji... only if it wasn`t cloudy and rainy. (Sony RX100)

Had dinner a few days prior to this with a friend who is hooked on camping... after a few drinks he mentioned he`s headed to Fumotoppara camp grounds with an incredible view of Mount Fuji... so me in my semi drunken state accepted his invitation.  Shoulda checked the weather forecast!

At the entrance they will scan your temperature.  Pets are allowed!

We arrived at 10 am and almost clear blue skies! 

4,000 yen per vehicle. Check in time is an unusually early 8am and check out at 1pm the following day. 

The camp ground map

Didn`t realize but GOOUT has their annual music festival here!

The view when we arrived... you can see just the tip of Mt. Fuji

This was the first and final time we saw Mount Fuji before the gray clouds and eventual rain arrived. UGH! BUT Checkout this instagram feed with Fumotoppara hashtags!

Limited selection of drinks at reception.

Mask for sale at reception. 

Round log slices 300 yen. Unsure what you do with those. 

BUT!  These tiny 500 yen red nets are for the campfire logs.

Stuff as much as you can!  They were a bit moist and not too fire friendly.

There were faucets everywhere on the camping ground providing fresh mountain water.  Had a very soft mellow flavor. 

Taco Rice for lunch!

Nope... no Mount Fuji


Lots of fancy cars this day...

Brand new toilet washing facility.

Quite a few bikers.

Time for my Budweiser and Hydroflask coozie

My highlight of the evening... Johnsonville Chili Cheese hotdogs!

BYOB!  There is a supermarket nearby to stock up on food and drinking supplies. 

Bathroom facilities were incredibly clean and fully stocked with toilet paper. 

Washing area...

Random cat chasing little sparrows. 


The campfire wood is sourced from the boardering forest. 

They have lodging facilities too.

Overall its a massive camp ground.  We stayed between the 2 big bathroom facilities but if you venture to the other areas there are porta-potties scattered about.  Definitely check the weather forecast before heading out as cancellations are acceptable until 8am of the day otherwise its a very long 29 hours of sitting around with no views. 

Restaurant Camping Grounds: Fumotoppara
Address J: 静岡県富士宮市麓156
Address E: 156 Fumoto, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, JAPAN
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