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Thursday, November 5, 2020

AKASAKA MITSUKE: Itamae Sushi... very nice interior with high ceilings. Perfect for a date! (Sony RX100)

Back in the day there was a Itamae Sushi branch right on Roppongi Crossing... this is where I sat 2 seats away from Udata Hikaru and her friend who said she was so lucky to be so successful.  To which she replied he had no idea how difficult her life was and questioned their relationship.  Back in 2006?

Beer price points.

Wonderful Otooshi!  Think this might have been awabi... hmm... loved it. 

Everything was perfectly sized.  Not too big and not too small. 

Looked for the least expensive item and it was the Egg Omelet! 

Everything wonderfully pictured. 

This evening`s maguro tuna was sourced from Nagasaki... and 2 others prefectures.

What foreigner doesnt order rolls... Negi Toro!

Incredibly high ceilings leading to the 2nd floor. 

Tonights specials. 

Counter seating had great views of the chef.

Only a fan when salmon is grilled.

2nd floor.  Very private but not I guess due to Coronavirus its not being used. 

View from the 2nd floor stairs... L shaped counter seating with lots of social distancing. 

Interior wise this is such a nice sushi joint.  If you get lost in the sea of restaurants in Akasakamitsuke then give this place a try!  The chefs and waitresses were super attentive.

Restaurant: Itamae Sushi Akasaka Mitsuke Branch
Address J: 東京都港区赤坂3-8-17 パンジャパンビル
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku-, Akasaka 3-8-17

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