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Sunday, November 1, 2020

AKASAKA: Doma Doma franchise Izakaya`s 500 yen 1 hour nomihoudai with Asahi Beer is bonkers for Tokyo! WOW!! (Sony RX100)

Trying to cash in on Japan`s GOTO Eat campaign where each diner receives 1,000 yen in cash credit for dinner.  This night I went to visit one of my least favorite franchise Izakaya`s called Doma Doma.

Saturday at 8:30pm was a bit quiet but this is mostly a business district.  Crowds would arrive later.

This coupon is absolutely bonkers for Tokyo! 500 yen all you can drink for 1 hour or 980 yen for 2 hours!  What was more crazy is this includes medium sized bottles of Asahi Beer!  

Standard drink menu

500 yen all you can drink Menu.

Started off with a draft of Asahi Beer... this alone costs 390 yen on the regular menu.

Automatic Otoshi appetizer (table charge). 

Partitions due to covid19

Now for the bottles!  490 yen on the regular drink menu... or 539 including tax.  With this one bottle  you pretty much recovered your 500 yen all you can drink bill.  OMG!

Asahi Super Dry: glass, medium sized glass, bottles and pitchers.

Food was never that good at this franchise.  Ordered spicy asian kra pao pizza. 

The damage.  385 yenotoshi fee, 550 yen pizza and 500 yen nomihoudai plan.  Mind you I had 1 draft and 3 medium bottles of Asahi beer.  Without the coupon this bill would have been 3,150 yen.  PLUS I received a 1,000 yen GOTO Eat Coupon... thus only 540 yen! 

This almost looked like an after wedding crowd due to what they were wearing for a Saturday night. 

With the support of the government and this amazing Goto Eat Coupon system the restaurant industry has been slowly recovering from coronavirus.  Remember to become a member of an online restaurant reservation service to cash in on this campaign! GOGO!

Restaurant: Doma Doma Akasaka Branch
Address J: 東京都港区赤坂2-14-33 三田ビル 6F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 2-14-33

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