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Friday, January 18, 2019

EKODA: Santo Gyoza Honpo. Super friendly chatty owner with home made gyoza pot stickers!

A really loved local Chinese restaurant that serves home made gyoza... I overhead the owner saying she makes the dough herself.

Bunch of regulars this night..

3 different types of gyoza and went for the standard 300 yen item. 

The same round gyoza part has been used for the past 22 years. 

Rice and soup set for 200 yen. 

The gyoza was quite garlicy and rather average but what I think people love about this restaurant is the super friendly owner.  She seemed like friends with many of the diners

Restaurant: Santo Gyoza Honpo Chinese Restaurant.
Address J: 東京都練馬区旭丘1-55-4
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Asahigaoka 1-55-4

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