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Friday, September 21, 2018

GAIENMAE: Yup, my Japanese company has an employee Izakaya in the building... Free IICHIKO Sake Tasting!

I rarely goto our company Izakaya but this day they had free Iichiko sake tasting event and I'm there!

Invited a friend to join...  lots of company guests and retirees here.

My favorite item? 380 yen fish and chips!

These were all the selections we could try... the shape of the bottles seem rather pricey.

Had to sit thru a 3 minute explanation of the different types of sake... not quite all you can drink.  But each did have a very unique flavor.

Eihire... Japanese love this grilled Mana Ray with mayo dip. 

Super tender steak...

To close they gave everyone in the restaurant a free bag of sake!  

On sale at Seiyu Supermarket!

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