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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

GAIENMAE: Sento Bene Italian... course menu with extra charges, cheap dishes and no last call. Quite the sad experience.

About 20 of us gathered for a farewell and maternity leave dinner at Italian Restaurant Sento Bene.

There is a U shaped counter eating and tables in an L shape along the window and back wall.

Our course menu... but not all drinks were available for our 5,400 yen course menu.  We mostly ordered whisky hi-balls and lowly glasses of red/white wine the entire evening...  

Started with a sparkling wine for all then 2 pieces of bread came out.

This might have been the highlight of the entire evening... a mixed tapas kinda plate that had 1 slice of marinated sashimi, tiny boiled shrimp on a bed of guacamole, and well the rest too unmemorable.

2nd dish was a tiny plate of mushroom risotto... honestly the cost of this has got to be less than 100 yen. The risotto was hard, sauce wet and flavor will never leave you craving for more.

Then the tiny pasta plate with slices of mushroom.... of which you can buy an entire bag at your local supermarket for 80 yen.  Noodles were not fresh and supermarket grade cheap noodles at best.  Flavor was so boring. 

Our meat plate!  Yeah, no beef here just tough pork.  Every dish they served was so cheap... I have never been to a restaurant that served such unmemorable food.  So bad.

To close with dessert that was boring at best.

What saved the day was celebrating with colleagues.  This place is just has a terrible dinner course that gouges you if you ask for a little parmesan cheese or an extra slice of bread. In my 20 years living in Tokyo this is among the worst restaurants I've ever been to... not about the customers but totally just to cut corners on ingredients to high high prices.  Oh to close things off the waiter never informed us of last call for drinks... the sadness that is Sante Bene. NEVER AGAIN!!

Restaurant: Sento Bene
Address J: 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-1-28 ベルタウン青山
Address E:  Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 3-1-28, 2F

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