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Friday, August 10, 2018

TOSIHMAEN: Yatai Sushi Izakaya. Grand Opening August 10-12 with 9yen Beer! (SONY RX100)

Finally got a new restaurant in the lonely burbs of Toshimaen!  This town is famous for its amusement park pool, huge onsen facility, multiplex movie theater but there are so few restaurants.

Most of the Izakaya style items are pictured.

Sushi starts from 59 yen for things egg.  But this night it was all about the Hon-Maguro for 99yen.

My 9 yen 1st drink beer!

First order... 5 pieces of tuna please.

Nicely cut maguro... not as wild and sloppy as Sushi Zanmai.

2nd order another 5 maguro, one ika and a avocado sushi.

If you need more wasabi just say "wasabi kudasai."

The main kitchen area.

There was quite a crowd even at midnight... shows that there is really nothing open in this town after 10pm.  So if in the area you gotta give super affordable Yatai Sushi a try!

Restaurant: Yatai Sushi Toshimaen Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区練馬4-25-13
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nerima 4-25-13

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