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Saturday, August 18, 2018

AKATSUKA: Menya Inoko... what a line but its just a very Yokohama-ie-kei style ramen.

Last weekend I rode past this ramen spot with quite a line and just had to go back the following weekend.

At 1:35pm the line was winding down... must have waited about 15 min.

The shop closes at 2pm so if you arrive late and this red curtain is lowered then they are officially closed.

You get a free bowl of rice with lunch orders... got their smallest size but white rice with no toppings can get boring quick.  Maybe you can mix this into the soup after you finish?

The waitress recommended the 1,080 yen shoyu ramen filled to the brim with toppings but my main target was the soup and noodles... don't really need to get stuffed on toppings.

Ordered the basic shoyu ramen with a seasoned boiled egg for 880yen.  Oh you can either go for the thin noodles (hosomen) or the slightly thick noodles (chu-futomen)... I went for the latter.

The charsiu pork was so extremely tender!  Yum... 

The red curtain was removed at 2pm

Overall this type of ramen is totally Yokohama-Iekei style so I don't think it quite necessary to travel so far to a spot thats way too far from any station...  Once was enough but very curious about their shrimp flavored ramen. 

Restaurant: Menya Inoko Akatsuka Branch
Address J: 東京都板橋区赤塚新町3-8-25
Address E: Tokyo, Itabashi-ku, Akatsukashinmachi 3-8-25

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