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Monday, June 18, 2018

OOIZUMIGAKUEN: SanYou Sake Ten.... mom and pop liquor shop with a little devil dog.

Walking from Shakujikoen all the way to Oizumigakuen is a trek... only one station away but the roads sure twisty./   Anyways ran across this little mom and pop liquor shop with a rare alcohol vending machine outside.

We picked up some 200 yen 500ml chu-hi's

And then there is this insane crazy dog that was going bonkers... he looked so weird.  This lady seemed to be a regular here and she said he always barks nutty.

So if you wanna visit this madness of a tiny chihuahua you gotta go here.  The old lady owner was so kind too.

Yeah. public drinking is ok here in Japan.

Liquor Sho: Sanyou Saketen
Address J: 東京都 練馬区 石神井台3-20-9
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Shakujidai 3-20-9

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